Several webs (jun. 2016 / ~)

Several complete web developed, since the data mockups, data structure, documentation to the development and implementation. In many different technologies, but mostly Php, .net techs and Sql databases.
● Technologies: .Net Framework & Core, ReactJs, Php, JavaScript, MySQL, SQL Server.

HoyQueAbre (from jul. 2016 to apr. 2018)

HoyQueAbre was my thesis project for my Technician degree. But also a very interesting development that had potential and generated some income when it was tested in a small region. It was a web/mobile application for massive use that showed the people what events taken place it determined area in a specific date, the visitors also could vote where they were to go and win some prizes.
● Technologies: Php, JavaScript, Android Studio, Java, MySQL.

Sys-Gym (jan. 2017 / ~)

Sys-Gym is a multitenant client administration web system for gyms, sport clubs, and other institutions that has a large number of clients.
● Technologies: Php, JavaScript, MySQL.

Videogames (may. 2017 / ~)

Several videogames developed in my studies and personal scope, mostly in Unity 3D machine, but also some experience in Unreal engine. Worked with different teams always with Developer role, but some times also with role of Game Designer.
In the professional scope, I'm working since April 2022 in the open source Antura videogame project, also with Developer role.
● Technologies: Unity 3D, Unreal, C#, Blender.

CABL Outsourcing IT
(employee from dec. 2017 to feb. 2022)

Fullstack developer in CABL Outsourcing IT for more than 4 years.
I've worked in more than 8 projects of all sizes, technologies and platforms such as Desktop, Web, Mobile and Arduino hardware connections.
● Technologies: Mainly .Net Framework & Core (C#, VB), Php, Docker, ReactJs, JavaScript, Xamarin, Arduino, MySQL, SQLite, SQL Server. Some others with less frequency.

StySys (nov. 2021 / ~)

StySys is a multitenant booking administration web system for hair salons, beauty salons and other institutions that manage bookings.
● Technologies: Php, JavaScript, MySQL.

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